Scatter Symbol

Scatter Symbol

redcoinA Wild on steroids
A Scatter is a symbol that might pop up anywhere on the slot lines and when triggered it usually “scatters” all over the board – think of it like a Wild Symbol on steroids.

redcoinWhat is the thing with Scatters?
In general, a scatter symbol activates the chances for more wins, getting to the bonus game or other fun, lucrative features. Scatters usually enhance the player’s chances of a larger winnings.

scatter-bloodHere are some examples:
a) Scatters can act as a joker (wild). When combining scatters with other symbols you can put together winning lines.
b) They can be profitable in itself. Most likely, when the scatter appears, you will win something….
c) They lead on to the bonus game. Often, you need two or more scatters to enter the bonus round.
d) They activate the multiplier or free spins. Often both.

All in all, the scatter has several different functions. Exactly which depends on which slot you choose.


redcoinFree Spins
freespins“Free Spin” basically means you get to play the slots for free: thus you’ll be able to spin the wheels one or more times not needing to place any bets with your own money.
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multi-symbolWhen the multiplier is activated it basically means you’ll “multiply” all your winnings. Usually you’ll get your payouts multiplied between 2-6 times in each spinn.
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wild-eggoKnowing the features of a “Wild Symbol” belongs to the absolute basic knowledge when you play slot machines online.
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