Mega Moolah Review

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Software: Microgaming
Reels/Paylines: 5/25
Coin Value : 0,01-0,50
Free Spins Feature: Yes!
Progressive Jackpot: Yes!

Graphics: 4thumbs
Gameplay: 4thumbs
Storyline: 4thumbs
Payouts: 4thumbs
Ratings: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (No Ratings Yet)


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redcoinTantalizingly high payouts
mm-revMega Moolah slot machine is the brainchild of Microgaming, one of the most successful companies in the growing online casino software business. Microgaming has produced a number of different popular software programs, but Mega Moolah is one of its most popular.

Few games have excited the online slot machine playing community in recent years as much as Mega Moolah slot machine has. With is revolutionary design and tantalizingly high payouts, it continues to attract new players as it takes the online gambling industry by storm. What helps distinguish it from its competitors is its unique design and massive payouts.

The theme of the Mega Moolah game is an African safari. At the very beginning of the game, a very short intro movie will play that showcases some jungle scenery. Mega Moolah’s interesting theme is part of what helps set it apart from its competitors.

redcoinSymbols and values
moolah-symolsMega Moolah has both a wild and a scatter. The wild in Mega Moolah can also act as a multiplier, helping players to tremendously multiply their winnings.

The scatter in Mega Moolah can be used to start a Free Spins Bonus Game. If you are interested in getting a big payoff, getting into a Free Spins Bonus Game is the way to go.

The symbol for the wild in Mega Moolah is a lion, and the symbol for the scatter is a monkey. If you are lucky enough to get three monkeys, you get a whopping free 15 spins of the reels. What’s even better is that all your winnings from those spins will be tripled.

redcoinBonus & Progressive jackpot
bonusOne of the most exciting things about Mega Moolah is its bonus game. The bonus game is triggered at random, so you never know when (or even if) you will enter the bonus game. If you are interested in making big money from Mega Moolah, then the bonus game is where it’s at.

The bonus game looks like a wheel of fortune type game. You’re best strategy if you want to win big is to bet high initially, so that if you do end up entering the bonus game, the odds that you will successfully hit the jackpot are increased. You don’t want to end up entering the bonus game and then missing out because you failed to bet high enough initially.

Progressive jackpots are jackpots that increase a little bit each time a game is played (unless a player wins a jackpot). Games with progressive jackpots are naturally more exciting to play than games without progressive jackpots. They offer larger payouts, and each time you play there is the chance that you could win big.

redcoinOverall Review
Mega Moolah is one of the best progressive jackpot games out there. Winners of its jackpot have netted millions and millions of dollars, making it one of the online casino games with the highest payouts. Playing Mega Moolah is an opportunity that no one who loves online slot machines will want to miss out on.

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