Free Spins

Free Spins

redcoinHappy times!

freespinsThe term “Free Spin” basically means you get to play the slots for free: thus you’ll be able to spin the wheels one or more times not needing to place any bets with your own money.

You usually get to the free spins in 2 ways:

  • 1. Often as a kind of “bonus” when you play a certain slot. (For example: If you get three identical symbols in a row – like 3 wilds or scatters – you’ll be rewarded with 10 free spins.)
  • 2. Sometimes as a special bonus by the casino, often when you register as a new member. “Sign up now and get 20 free spins…”

Why free spins are highly attractive to players hardly requires any explanation. But just for the sake of clarity: of course it is a very beneficial thing for your long term profit ratio to occasionally get the chance to “spin the wheels” without having to pay.

So – more free spins to the people!


wild-eggoKnowing the features of a “Wild Symbol” belongs to the absolute basic knowledge when you play slot machines online.
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scatter-bloodA Scatter is a symbol that might pop up anywhere on the slot lines and when triggered it usually “scatters” all over the board – like a Wild Symbol on steroids.
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multi-symbolWhen the multiplier is activated it basically means you’ll “multiply” all your winnings. Usually you’ll get your payouts multiplied between 2-6 times in each spinn.
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