Casino Bonus – a guide to the free money online

thumbupCasino Bonus – a guide to the free money online

bonuses(Almost) all online casinos have one thing in common – they offer different types of bonuses to their players. The more seasoned players know exactly what a bonus will yield in terms of money, and thus, make their moves judiciously.

So, before you decide to grab the first bonus that comes your way, it is important to acquire an understanding of different bonus types and their dynamics.


CASINO 24/7-Support Bonus Ratings Review Get Bonus
£200 Betsafe
£5 Casinoroom
£150 CasinoEuro
£500 Jackpotcity
Deposit Bonus
This bonus type is specifically meant for new players who have no past deposit record with the online casino. The return rates are set as high as 100% with a view to entice new players into getting involved in the play. However, there are certain pre-conditions – usually completing a particular amount of play – that need to be met before a player can lay their hands on the bonus amount.

For instance, you may receive a 100% bonus on depositing $100, and your casino account will reflect a balance of $200. depositHowever, in order to withdraw this amount you may be required to play up to 50 times the amount in several spins. Assuming your play through rate is 10x, you’ll first have to wager $1,000 to be able to withdraw the bonus. Besides, most online casinos also have an upper limit on the deposit amount for which the bonus rate is kept as high as 100%.

No Deposit Bonus
A no deposit bonus, as the name suggests, entitles players to a bonus without making a deposit in their casino account. The bonus is released through promo codes with a view to attract a player towards a new game or draw new players to the online casino website. A player may receive up to 50 free spins in bonus through a promo code for a particular slot machine. The premise is to make players fall in love with a game, and get them to put their money on it. No deposit bonuses usually come with a sky-rocketing play through rate.
Reload Bonus
reloadAs opposed to deposit bonus, an online casino offers reload bonus only to its regular players with static accounts.

Being entitled to a reload bonus means that a player will receive a certain bonus amount on every deposit made to their account. The return rate is not as high as in case of deposit bonuses; however, it is a sure shot way of earning some free dollars to create a bankroll cushion.

Match Bonus
A match bonus means earning a free deposit equivalent to the amount you transfer to your account. In case of match bonuses, deposits are made automatically and a player does not need inquires or promo codes to avail the bonus. For instance, if you make a deposit of $200 in your player account, the online casino will automatically transfer an equivalent sum to your account as bonus. Match bonuses are often offered as part of a promotion strategy.
VIP Bonus
vipThe higher your gambling frequency, the brighter your chances of landing a VIP bonus. These bonuses are offered to regular players as a token of encouragement for their continued patronage. The highlight of the VIP bonus is the minimal play through rate. A player can accumulate points through a series of spins to reach the level that makes them eligible to receive a VIP bonus.

These are broad guidelines on online casinos’ bonus system. However, each casino may have a bonus fine print of its own, and it is advisable to read about a casino’s policy on bonuses before making a deposit.